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CLAS 430 B: Greek and Roman Mythology

CLAS 430 B (5 credits): Ancient Mythology (or Everything is Totally Rotten or The Gods are Horrible I Mean Seriously What the Hell)

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MWF 10:30am - 11:20am
DEN 303
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Sarah Culpepper Stroup

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CLAS 430 B (5 credits): Ancient Mythology (or Everything is Totally Rotten or The Gods are Horrible I Mean Seriously What the Hell)  
Please note that this is the 5-credit version of Classics 430 (for the 3-credit version offered in Spring Quarter 2019 see Classics 430 A).
Course Description:  
  • This course presents the major themes of Greek Mythology a somewhat unusual way, and one that you may find occasionally challenging;
  • This course focuses on myths involving mortals rather than gods, for reasons that I will make clear;
  • This course uses “women’s myths”—by which I mean myths that use women as the central characters or the catalysts for action—as an entry points into broader mythological themes; 
  • This course does not, however, promote either a “feminist mythology” or a “mythology of women" or any other social or political agenda (although such are often employed for myths, and we'll discuss this); finally
  • This course will not cover “everything” mythical, but is designed to introduce you to mythical structure and function—I will give you the tools, not the "toys"
  • No Pegasus.  Absolutely no Pegasus.
There are no texts for this class, although there will be (short) mandatory readings posted to our Canvas course page.  Although you are of course welcome to purchase or borrow mythology textbooks, all exam will be based on the content delivered in lecture, and on the website, alone.    


Yes!  The exams for this course will consist of four short-answer and essay question exams, and will be based on lectures and any notes or links on this website indicated as “required.”  These are writing-heavy exams, and the successful student is expected to demonstrate both a full grasp of the material presented in lecture and in the texts, and the ability to discuss this material thoughtfully.  

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Principal myths found in classical and later literature. Offered: AWSp.
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Arts and Humanities (A&H)
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