CLAS 320 A: Society And Status In Greece And Rome

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MTWF 9:30am - 10:20am
CDH 139
Deborah Kamen

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Course description:

In this course, we will be examining the public and private lives of the ancient Greeks and Romans, with a special focus on status, class, and gender. The diversity of human experience in the ancient world will be explored through the following topics: Greek and Roman social organization (men, women, children, the elderly, slaves, and freed slaves); housing; dress; food and drink; sex and sexuality; health and sickness; death and beliefs in the afterlife; religion and magic; theatres and festivals; politics; law; economics; travel; warfare; art and architecture; athletics and spectator sports; etc. No prerequisites.


Grading for this class will be based on a midterm exam, a final exam, and quizzes/discussion in quiz sections. The midterm and final exam will consist of short essays.

Required course texts:

Aldrete, G.S. (2004) Daily Life in the Roman City: Rome, Pompeii, and Ostia. Westport, CT. ($24.95)

Garland, R. (2014) Daily Life of the Ancient Greeks. 2nd ed. Indianapolis. ($17.00)


Catalog Description: 
Examines the societies of ancient Greece and Rome, with a special focus on status, class, and gender. The diversity of human experience is explored through the study of men, women, children, the elderly, slaves, housing, dress, food, sexuality, medicine, death, religion, theater, politics, law, economics, travel, warfare, art, and athletics. Offered: A.
GE Requirements: 
Diversity (DIV)
Individuals and Societies (I&S)
Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts (VLPA)
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