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LATIN 300 A: Latin Language, Accelerated

Summer Term: 
Meeting Time: 
MTWThF 8:30am - 10:40am
PAR 112
Daniel Abraham Conner
Now counts for VLPA, if you have met the foreign language proficiency requirement.

Additional Details:

Welcome to ancient Rome! First year Latin courses give you direct access to the thoughts and writings of the ancient Romans and allow you to explore the dynamic and often dangerous cultural, social and political world in which they wrote. Learning to interpret and use an ancient language requires you to explore unknown areas and think in new ways. Our focus is on Latin as a literary language. Course activities are designed to foster a collegial and collaborative atmosphere and to encourage you to make strong connections between the ancient language and literature we are exploring together and your other interests, passions and pursuits.  

Course Goals:

Through your work in the course this term you will demonstrate that you can: 

  • Read and translate short selections from ancient Roman authors and compose simple sentences in Latin
  • Understand and explain the literary, historical and cultural context of  texts by ancient Roman authors
  • Analyze and explain Latin grammar and syntax
  • Analyze and describe the influence of the Latin language on subsequent languages and literatures

By completing the first year sequence (300-301)  you equip yourself to read any Latin author. In our second year courses (304, 305, 306, 307) students read selections of Caesar, Horace, Catullus (305), Cicero and Ovid (306), and Virgil (307), and other authors (304).  Check out our spring quarter study abroad program in Rome too

If you are interested in using Latin to meet the foreign language proficiency requirement, please contact to make arrangements to do this. 

Comments from recent students of first year Latin at UW: 

"This class was incredibly intellectually stimulating. The TA was engaging and always asked thought-provoking questions" 

"I have honestly never enjoyed a class more in all my time at UW." 

"This class is awesome. Latin is way cooler than I thought."

"Learning the structure of the language was different from anything I have ever done before and challenged me to find new ways of thinking" 

"Relating Latin to English and seeing where certain words and roots came from was cool."

Catalog Description: 
Intensive introduction to classical Latin. Not accepted as upper-division credit toward a major in Latin or classics. Does not satisfy foreign language proficiency requirement. Cannot be taken for credit if LATIN 101 already taken. Offered: WS.
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December 9, 2016 - 9:11pm